Brooklyn-based Venezuelan artist behind The Very Big Tote

Creator Spotlight: Cassandra Mayela

Art / Creative Process

What first sparked your interest in textile design?

I’ve always been fascinated with textiles and textures. As a kid I would paint, dye, and try to transform my clothes - my interest has been there all along.

How do you approach your work as an artist?

A lot of trial and error!

What or who has inspired your work the most?

Wow, so many… I would say Christo and Jean Claude, Cecilia Vicuña, and Vogue.

Can you describe the process of dyeing our Big Totes? How long did it take, and what kinds of materials did you use?

It was actually so hard! It was the middle of winter and I have an outdoor studio so the totes would freeze and that would alter the “normal” dyeing process. But I’m happy with the result and how the colors pop out!

What’s an item you haven’t yet dyed, but want to?



Name the 3 summer essentials  you’d carry around in the Big Tote.

Sunscreen, my camera, and hair ties.

What kind of role does play and playfulness have in your life?

An essential role! You have to have fun!

What’s your favorite folktale?

Stone Soup.

Lightning round

Warm colors or cool colors?

Depends on my mood!

What's your favorite childhood game?


What's the best song to listen to while creating?

Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich.

We love snail mail. Who would you most like to receive a letter from?

Gahhhh! I have so many homies spread all around the world! Maybe someone random, someone I didn’t know!


Photos of Cassandra by Josefina Santos.


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