Mexico-based artist and illustrator behind Ladies Who Lounge

Artist Interview with Ana Leovy

What were you like as a kid? What did you want to be?

I was shy with people I did not know well, but once comfortable I was very witty, always singing and playing different characters. I loved being outdoors and with friends but also enjoyed playing on my own. I could spend hours with my Barbies and dolls, fixing their outfits, making them houses and creating stories. I think I was very mature for my age, I am the youngest of my family so I got used to being surrounded by adults since I was little. Loved watching movies and TV shows, I was very into music, I would use all my savings to by CDs and listen to them over and over. I would also make all sort of arts and crafts: bracelets papier-mâché sculptures, collage, paintings, drawings...basically pretty much the same way I am now, except I don't play with dolls anymore. 

How has your art evolved in recent years, whether it is your approach, tools, subjects, etc.?

I've experimented with all sorts of materials over the years, but currently I am focusing on gouache and acrylics. I guess something that has changed recently is the format I am using; I am moving onto larger canvases and that makes me very excited, every size has a different sort of complexity but I'm enjoying the transition.

My subjects are in constant change and I think this is something that will continue to evolve the more I practice, and depending on my life situations because in a way my art is an extension of myself and the things that inspire and interest me now are not the same as before and most likely will be different in the future.

What is your relationship to creativity?

I've always been a very creative person; with the games I made up as a child, with clothes, decorating my room when I was younger and now my apartment, my general interests would always be related to art. Creativity is freedom and allows us to play, even when we're adults. When there is no room for experimentation I feel very stuck and bored.


Who or what are you inspired by right now?

I am very into Bauhaus lately, it is very fascinating in terms of design and color. But I am also feeling inspired by human emotions and simple life activities, especially the ones we have not been able to do this year. I guess I am feeling nostalgic and craving for human connection as most people are. This year's works are mostly scenes of crowded parties, people hugging and touching, dining together...

What is an important lesson you've learned recently?

I am not as present and connected with myself and with nature as much as I thought I was, or as much as I'd like to be. Even though I do what I love every day, sometimesI forget to take a breather and just chill with my thoughts or go outside without my phone and really observe my surroundings. 

Whiled is about embracing downtime and slowing down. If you had one day with all the free time in the world...what would you do?

I would spend the first half of the day alone painting in my pj's while listening to music, then I would take a long walk, lay on the beach and float on the ocean. And the rest of the day would be spent dancing, drinking, eating pasta and laughing with people I love.



What does the world need more of?

Empathy and laughter.

If your painting had a playlist to set the mood, what 3-5 songs would be on that playlist?


"Emotional Rescue" by The Rolling Stones

"Peace Train" by Cat Stevens

"Seventeen" by Sharon Van Etten

"Canopée" by Polo & Pan

"Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead


Listen to the full playlist to accompany your Ladies Who Lounge.


 Headshot photo by Jessa Carter.


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